Let’s talk about Loui

Let’s talk about Loui

Loui Legend was born with Treacher-Collins Syndrome. It was a complete surprise to everyone and had gone unnoticed through out his very normal pregnancy. He has some special adaptations to help him breathe and eat. But is just like any other 6 year old boy in every other way. He is so cheeky and is very fluent in sign language! I documented his day to day at the beginning of the year just to give everyone a little insight to this wonderful little boys world.


Thank you for reading 🙂


Hannah x


Follow Loui’s Facebook group here which has regular updates from Karly (his mummy) 

See Loui’s Fundraising page here!


Pagan Phaze Soaps – By Natalie

Pagan Phaze Soaps – By Natalie

Hello, I’m Natalie.
I am 40 yrs old and I live in Whitstable kent, I have 2 beautiful daughters, and 3 step daughters I have a wonderful Fiancé and also 2 beautiful Sphynx cats 🙂
I was a hairdresser 23yrs, specialising in Colour, with a degree for Loreal Academy
This year I decided to take my love of homemade organic products to the next level, and introduce my work to the public
My family are Pagan so thought it fitting for the name, and my sphynx boy Tarot is the face of my logo 🙂
I am hoping with my products i have converted people into Raw unrefined products, which are not just amazing for there skin and smell incredible, but also Eco friendly and sustainable x
You can buy directly from Natalie here! – https://pagan-phaze.co.uk
Wine Tours of Kent – Abi Ireland

Wine Tours of Kent – Abi Ireland

After spending much of my 20’s in Australian Vineyards, visiting different wineries across the country every month, I found an appreciation for wine and how it is made. After returning home to Kent, local to many of the wineries, I thought why not try and book on a tour to discover some of Kent’s wineries that were right on our doorstep. With no luck of finding a local tour with transport, I visited all the of the wineries with my other half aka the designated driver. I realised there was a huge gap in the market for people wanting to visit the wineries and sample all of the wines without having the hassle of finding transport… And there so ‘Wine Tours of Kent’ came about.

My background has always been in Relationship Management and I believe that this has given me a strong focus on customer experience and ensuring everyone enjoys and gets the most out of the day. I would not say I am a Wine Buff, however I am WSET accredited and very much enjoy a wine or two.



Rachel Hannah – Your Virtual Sleep Consultant

Rachel Hannah – Your Virtual Sleep Consultant

Hi I am Rachel,

I am based in Broad oak (just outside of Rye) however all the work I do is done remotely, meaning all my contact with the families I work with is done by telephone calls, video calls and email so there is no limit on the distance of the families in which I can help which is great. So I work with families who have babies and young children up to the age of 6 years and who are experiencing sleep challenges, this can be a whole host of sleep challenges. I do have a passion to help new parents and their babies who just need a helping hand and some guidance to overcome the exhausting world of sleep deprivation – I’ve been there (not that long ago) and I know first hand how hard that can be and the effects it has on day to day life., which makes me all the more determined to help others in this position and allow them to enjoy their children’s early years once again. And very importantly healthy sleep habits and making sure our children are getting enough sleep is fundamental for a developing child. I use gentle, responsive methods when helping children to sleep well, never asking a parent to leave their child alone to cry. I have a range of sleep plans allowing parents to choose the level of support they would like when working with me, these start from 2 weeks up until 30 days.



Minty Mead Therapies  – Goudhurst

Minty Mead Therapies – Goudhurst

I’m Minty,
I have 2 young daughters, Demelza 1 and Murielle 3. I’ve been married 2 years to a man I met when I was just a little girl. I still live in the same house I grew up in, in goudhurst, having moved away for a few years to beautiful dorset, I came back to the family home. There are 4 generations living under one roof and it’s really amazing! I think it’s so important for the children to have family around.
I started massage around 8 years ago, I started off as a personal trainer and then found the human body so fascinating that I wanted to study more hands on. Sports massage therapy was the next natural step alongside my personal training and then I just expanded on the massage. I can now offer many different treatments including hot stone massage, Swedish massage and reiki healing. Until recently I had always done my massage as a second job due to moving around and then having children, I needed the security of employment. But now my children are older I can focus fully on building this business, I’m very lucky that I am off to a flying start! What I love most is being able to help people, from pregnancy massage to injury rehab, everyone can benefit from different types of massage. I get a real buzz from being able to give people the pain relief or even that time to themselves that they really need. Success stories really make my job rewarding. So having studied the human body I then decided to see what goes on in the human mind.. and so I became a qualified hypnotherapist. The mind truly is wonderful!! I treat everyone from addicts and phobias, to habits and anxieties. Hypnotherapy can even be used for pain management. I went through hypnobirthing for my second daughter and it was amazing!! I can not recommend it enough!! My coach was Lauren Gilbert who also featured on the mumbox. She is just so amazing, if you’re considering it then do it!!! All my work is offered on a mobile basis at the moment but the business is due to expand… keep your eyes peeled for exciting announcements!!