Hi! I am Hannah, creator of the ‘Mum Box’. My inspiration came over lockdown. My husband is a key worker and I am self employed. I suddenly found myself with no income, and my two small children, Eddie age 1 and Isabelle age 4, stuck at home. No grandparents to take them for a few hours, no nursery, no break. I felt so rundown! I also struggled seeing so many small businesses

(including my own photography business) struggling.

That gave me the idea for the ‘Mum Box’. A treat box of goodies made by local mums, for mums!

I know so many mums, juggling kids, life and business. Being able to bring their products together in this way not only supports them, but supports all those amazing mums out there busting a gut every single day looking after their family.

This soon escalated and evolved…… we now have a Dad Box, with a Kids Box and Baby Box soon to be released!

It is all about supporting amazing small businesses. I have just pulled my lovely mum Julie in to help me create these wonderful boxes! 



My Family…


Let’s Work Together!

Are you a mum with a business making amazing products? I would love to hear from you. Drop me a message below!